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Previously known as periodic reports, these reports are a highly skilled undertaking.  They should be done every 5 years (10 years following a complete rewire).  We offer this to Homeowners usually  for legal reasons usually as a condition of the sale of their property, for landlords requested council licensing and business who need it certification for insurance purposes.


Most large businesses and landlords have someone do this every year.

We can do this for you.

This is probably the most important of all certificates, as it is dealing with the equipment you supply to your employees/tenants.

This puts you directly in the firing line if the equipment is unsafe for continued use.

Fire Alarms/smoke detectors

Once again a very important document.  

Most landlords/business owner are oblivious to the fact that most sensors have a life of only 10 years.  They are deemed useless after that,  Batteries can become un-chargable and become unsatisfactory.  

So it important that a competent person assesses your system annually along with P.A.T.

Emergency Lighting Certification/Testing

I often see emergency lights not working  when we switch the power off. 

 If someone died in a fire in your property and you haven't had the emergency lights checked by a qualified person you could be found to be negligent.

That is why you should have this done annually too.

Installation certificates.

All electrical work that involved alterations at the consumers, outside power and power within a bathrooms Zones 0, 1 and 2 MUST have an Installation certificate given to the person who pays for the work.  Without this you are not covered by your insurance.  If your contractor is not registered to an organisation like the NICEIC or ELECSA then then are NOT permitted to undertake any of the work listed above.  How many of you allowed you builder to do the electrical work?  Extremely rarely do i see a qualified builder.