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We offer our services to the following groups

Our Client base consists of 3 main groups.  

Firstly Property Companies who give us 50% of our work.  We are more than happy to go the extra mile for both new and current property management companies, often undertaking tasks that are not electrical, whilst we are in their properties.  

Secondly homeowners/domestic installations, who give us a large part of our work- we can do anything from rewiring the whole property to changing a pendant.  

Finally working with businesses, either one-off projects or ongoing maintenance agreements.  This is an area we are eager to expand particularly maintenance agreements with Businesses, landlords and property management companies.

Maintenance Agreements

We can tailor our agreements to your business.  Our call out rates are extremely competitive.  The more property you control the better our call out rate can be.

House rewiring

Each house rewire is unique, so we come out to visit you and go through your requirements and whether it is within your budget.

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Consumer Unit installation

We can supply and fit a 10 way MK consumer Unit for £360 plus VAT anywhere in Bristol, Bath, Weston and Gloucester including all villages in between.

Property Companies and Landlords

We work closely with several property companies.  Usually we agree a fix call out fee with additional work charged accordingly.    We also undertake a lot of annual/5 yearly testing and certification at fixed prices.


We undertake all kinds of Electrical installations.  We can undertake the electrical work when you have a new kitchen coming.  We can change some lights over, we fit additional sockets, replace your old fuse board or rewire your entire house.


Currently we are working with several care homes, a large timber yard, various offices both on reactive basis and maintenance basis. We can off 24 hour call out services where required at a cost agreed prior to first call out.