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We currently manage around 500 properties in the south-west with high concentrations in the Clifton, Redland, Westbury areas of Bristol.  We can deal with anyone from a person renting their house out whilst going away for a year to large companies managing 100s of houses and commercial property.

Informal maintenance agreements

Landlords rarely want to commit to long term contracts, especially when they have a small portfolio of property.  So we offer our services to landlords in 2 ways.  

The first option is you call us when you need us.  So call when you require an EICR (electrical 5 yearly certificate), PAT testing, emergency lighting report, or just a plain old call out for nuisance tripping, damaged socket, lights not working, oven element need replacing, or you need a new appliance.  You name it, we can help even if that means advising a plumber!  

The second option is we manage your EICR's, PAT, smoke detectors certs and deal with your tenants directly at a pre-agreed annual cost paid monthly via Standing Order.  All we need to do is have a meeting in person or phone and go through your requirements.  Then all you need to worry about is that your tenants pay you. 

Formal Agreements

If you are more legally minded, then you may wish to enter a formal contract.  We are happy to do this and already have several in place.  We do however put the onus onto your organisation to offer the contract.  We have our solicitor advise us and hopefully move forward after a brief negotiation.  We are flexible on most points, from call out fees to responsibility of certificates dates etc.  Just give me Brad Dayment Managing Director to discuss such details on 0781356 1492.