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consumer unit installations


Starting at just $9.99


Fuse board

Do You have an old Fuse board like this?

If you have have an old fuse board like this one then you are in desperate need of an update.  

We can install a new 10 Way Consumer unit in a domestic property for ONLY £360 plus VAT.  

We cover Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and Weston Super Mare and everywhere in between.

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Reason 1 to upgrade now


Old Fuse boards like the one above do not protect against electrocution whatsoever!  Hard to believe isn't it?  All they do is protect the cables from melting, that is it!  Modern Consumer Units have RCD protection, which is designed to trip within the prescribed times in BS7671 17th edition wiring regulations.  In English this means that it is very safe and the risk of electrocution is greatly diminished.

Reason 2 to upgrade now


It is written into the regulations that we have to test and certify this work making Building Control aware of our work.  What this means is that you get a snapshot of the condition of your electrical system.  And advise from skilled people on what to do to ensure yours and your families safety.

Reason 3 to upgrade now


The changes to combustible materials regulations has changed.  What this means is that all Consumer Unit installations we do MUST be made of metal or within a metal casing.

Reason 4 to upgrade now


A lot of people are unaware that Home insurance may not pay out if you do not have an up-to-date certificate. The certification usually lasts 5 years for consumer unit upgrades (unless the installer is unhappy to sign for this period).

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